Installation Instructions

Step 1

The panels have 2 sides with female loops, and 2 sides with male pegs.

Step 2

Start by laying your first panel in any corner (male edges required) or garage opening (female edges required) roughly 1″ from the wall. The loops should be pointed in the direction you want to add panels.

Step 1 installation

Step 3

Place the next panel so that the pegs line up over the loops.

Step 4

Gently step on each panel. You will hear and feel it snap into place. Repeat these steps until your flooring is complete. That’s all there is to it!

All tiles on any given installation should ALWAYS HAVE THE FEMALE LOOPS GOING IN THE SAME DIRECTION.Right DirectionWrong Direction 

CAUTION: If you inadvertently rotate a tile 90 degrees it will snap into place but you will not be able to complete the installation properly.