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Want to add a different look to your Patio or Sunroom floor? With DuraGrid Cross-Rib, you can create a clean & dry area in minutes. The perfect patio or sunroom flooring system. Duragrid® Cross-Rib Matting is a great solution for making your floors better looking and more comfortable. The free-draining, slip-resistant matting contains Vinyzene® SB-1, an antimicrobial agent that fights mold, mildew and infectious bacteria. Easy to clean and extremely durable, Duragrid® is great as a patio or sun room flooring and more!

10 Year Limited Warranty

Made In USA

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 0.5 in

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1 review for Cross-Rib Matting

  1. chip.mookie (verified owner)

    These are perfect for pet owners!
    I stumbled on Big Floors and these were exactly what I needed. They’re sturdy, fit snugly (no pinch points for fur or paw pads). The holes aren’t too big for little paws, but they’re big enough that a dog with overgrown toe nails would be more comfortable than on hard ground. I walked on them with bare feet and found it more comfortable than itchy fake grass.
    As a pet owner with a condo patio (no yard) I tried fake grass pieces with drainage holes, but with a patio underneath, there’s no place to drain, so we had wet pee paw prints. I had a similar problem with pee pads-they don’t absorb fast enough or well enough. These are perfect to go over the pad or under the artificial turf! I just ordered some reusable puppy pads, and I think this cross rib matting over the top will be perfect. My dog hasn’t tried to kick back on these, but the small, deep triangle shape makes it much less likely that a claw will get stuck in a hole.
    I tried stepping on them to snap, but I’m 110 pounds of feathers, not muscle. However, I found that I could turn the tiles over and stretch the female loop over the male peg very easily. I created smaller sections, and if I need them connected I can have a friend come step on them.
    I have these on a covered patio, so I don’t know about sun damage, but I live in an oven, so I’ll see how these hold up to extreme heat. I’m a germophobe, so the anti-microbial properties attracted me since these will be outdoors and get wet. I love the anti-slip properties because I try to tip toe around the puddles when I go out to clean up after the dog, and this will be much better.
    The red brick color is a bit more brown than I expected. Pupperoni dog treats are almost an exact match for the brick red tiles. I don’t mind (they’re on a saltillo patio), but noteworthy if you’re doing a large project and want a color reference. While my use was not a large project (or common for this product), I would love to see these in dog parks, pet stores, dog “daycare” centers, kennels/crates, animal shelters, etc. Having these advertised on a pet retailer or in-store signage would be great for city/apartment dwellers that have pets. I never thought about pet pee prints before, but I’m glad I stumbled on Big Floors.

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